January 24, 2005

Who made your life better?

Acidman published his list of 10 people that positively influenced this country during his lifetime. One particular choice stood out to me:

#4-- John Wayne. He embodied The United States in its purest form--tough, courageous, two-fisted and taking no shit. He was a role model for me. And I still like to watch his movies today.

Ever watch True Grit? Towards the end, John Wayne puts the reins in his mouth and charges the enemy, with guns blazing in both hands. Now THAT is the kind of guy that I want on my side in a fight. Sadly, too many men these days have been swallowing their wimpy pills by the truckload. I'm a firm believer in constructive dialogue, but sometimes you have to go after the enemy, balls to the wall.

I've been picking up John Wayne movies from the bargain DVD bins lately. Personally, I'd pay full price for most of them, but if some halfwits think so little of the Duke that they put 3 of his movies onto a $3.00 DVD, who am I to argue?

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