November 16, 2005

PGH: Questioning Their Patriotism

Harvey has a doozy of an assignment this week: Is the Mainstream Media patriotic? Why or why not?

Good: Investigative journalists dig up some documents that prove Bush failed to meet his National Guard requirements.
Bad: The documents are such ridiculous forgeries faxed from a Kinkos that the journalists's own experts didn't support them.
Good: Kinkos profits for 2004 go through the roof.
Worse: "Journalists" still claiming the forgeries are authentic one year later.
Good: Dan Rather and Mary Mapes continue to provide material for late night talk show hosts.

Good: ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN provide round the clock coverage of our troops in Iraq.
Bad: That coverage consists of photos of flag-draped coffins or maimed soldiers.

Good: Major networks cover the President's morale building visit to our troops at Thanksgiving.
Bad: The visit is called a crass, politically opportunistic photo op.
Worse: The MSM incorrectly state that Bush used a plastic turkey during the photo op, and harp on "fake" turkey for months.
Good: Manufacturers of plastic turkeys get free publicity.

Good: The press crap themselves to show as many photos as possible of Saddam Hussein's capture.
Bad: Katie Couric and others actually ask whether or not Iraq is safer without Hussein.
Ugly: Many in the press claim that Bush is worse than Saddam.
Good: Katie wore black the day after Saddam's capture, and it really had a slimming effect on her.

Good: After Uday and Qusay get killed during a battle, the MSM show many pictures of the two crapweasels so that they people of Iraq can be certain that Saddam's hellspawn are actually dead.
Bad: MSM spends the next month describing how insensitve the US to Muslims for displaying photos of the deceased.
Good: The little fuckers were still dead.

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