July 23, 2007

awful news

Awful, awful news: Mike's wife Christiana was killed Friday while riding her Sportster. Go offer Mike your condolences. Let him know if you can help in any way.

Related update: When it rains, it really, really sucks. Jeff Goldstein's grandmother just passed away. Please stop by and leave a message for him as well.

Update: Mike posted a brief update to the post by Joe. It contains this bit of wisdom:

And if I may be so presumptuous, a word of advice, from someone who has now learned the lesson in the toughest school there is: treasure every moment with those you love; don’t waste time bickering over nothing, because there isn’t time for it. Cherish every smallest kiss, because you don’t ever, ever know which one will be the last.

Words to live by. The last thing I say to my wife before going to sleep, and the first words that I say upon awakening are "I love you". Ditto the kids. No matter what happens, my family will remember that they were far and away the best things in my life.

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