July 20, 2004

We're from the government and we're here to help you

Or some other complete bullshit. Insert your own lie here. Anyway, Kim du Toit links to an article by Ron Paul at lewrockwell.com. It turns out the the decennial census required by the Constitution of the USA doesn't provide some government pencil pushers enough information so that they can shove a 2x4 up your ass at their whim help you properly. There's now going to be a YEARLY survey about you: your job, personal habits, what's your favorite Spice Girl, do you prefere Coke or Pepsi, etc.. And they plan on fining people if they don't send it in. You know, an illegal mandatory survey. Let me enter the discussion by offering my own opinion on the matter: bite me, you worthless government hacks. You think that you can enforce my compliance(oh wait, is Janet Reno back in office again?) on this particular issue, you are sadly mistaken. I realize that most people in this country have adopted the attitude that "if they tell me to do it, I guess I have to". I am not so sanguine. Point to me where in the Constitution it requires me to aquiesce to your demand. Can't do it? Then fuck off.

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1 When I got the 2000 census (long form... yay) I filled out what the Constitution requires (number of people in the house), and as a bonus, I told them what they could see if they were parked in our driveway (both white). The rest of it I left blank. When some nosy government worker dropped by a couple weeks later looking for more info, I shut the door in her face. They left me alone after that.

Posted by: Harvey at July 20, 2004 11:20 PM (ubhj8)

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