August 30, 2007

Well deserved kudos

I like to run. Not that anyone would confuse me with a real runner these days, as I'm older and slower-much slower- than I used to be. However, I move a little bit faster "running" than I do walking, so running it is.

Anyway. I have narrow foot (B width) and have had difficulty in the past finding a shoe that (a) fits and (b) provides sufficient cushioning and support to run in. I've been extremely satisfied with New Balance shoes and have been wearing them for more than 15 years. However, as others are likely to attest, New Balance suffers from the same diseased mentality that infects other running shoe manufacturers: "Hey, we've got a popular running shoe that everyone wants to buy. Let's discontinue it and make another less comfortable, uglier shoe!"

No, I'm not bitter. Much. I've merely learned over the years to buy at least two pairs of shoes when I'm in the market. If I don't, and I really like the shoe, I'll get pissed off when I can't get it anymore. Regardless, I've been buying my shoes from Road Runner Sports in San Diego for the last 20+ years. They usually have a good selection and decent prices. However, they've been awful lately in terms of running out of stock on shoes that I can wear. I don't pronate or supinate my feet; I don't need special support; I don't buy trail shoes; and I need a B width shoe, especially if I'm going to fork over $100 or more. And recently, when I went online to buy another pair of shoes, not only had they discontinued the shoes I'm currently wearing, they didn't carry any B width shoes in the style that had replaced my shoes. The shoes that RRS had that I COULD wear were horribly expensive and freakishly ugly. I mean, really: do they employ the blind and stupid in their marketing department? Eesh.

Regardless, I started searching around the web and stumbled across, via Amazon, If the Shoe Fits. not only did they have the style that I was searching for, the M881, they had it in my size. And it was marked down 25%. Yay!. So I ordered two pair of shoes. The next day, I received an email from customer support saying the following:

Dear ________,

We regret to inform you that we are out of stock in New Balance running shoe M881, in the width that you requested, 11B. However, if you are interested, we have the shoe which replaced it, the M882, in your size and would be glad to ship them to you and no extra cost. Please let us know if this would acceptable to you.

So I get the improved version of the shoe that I like best for a price substantially less than I would have had to pay anywhere else, delivered right to my door. I'm quite pleased with the customer service at If the Shoe Fits. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for running shoes.

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1 Cool. I have to have New Balance due to a problem with my left foot... I wear a 6 wide in women's... yaa... not normal. I soooo feel for you. I will check into this site when I need shoes again.

Posted by: vw bug at August 30, 2007 11:06 AM (FPOeI)

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