April 24, 2004

Victory Coalition members unite!

Image stolen shamelessly from Michele. Hey, it's for a great cause:


It's been a hoot duking it out in a pixelated fashion. Sure, there's a lot of people talking smack, but it's all in fun. Remember, we're supporting our men and women in uniform over in Iraq. Donate early and often. And if your current financial situation prevents you from giving money, at least link the Spirit of America Challenge on your webpage, if you have one. Barring that, send the link to all your friends and relatives. Shame the company you work for into giving. They'll be grateful to have the chance to give to such a worthy cause. And remember to send the link to this page for donations so that the much beloved Victory Coalition will get credit. Lots of bloggers are offering different bribes rewards for donaters. Michele has the scoop.

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