December 30, 2004

The Star and Sickle continues to rise

Pretty soon, it'll rank up there with Fahrenheit 9/11 in terms of accuracy. The increasingly misnamed Kerry Spot has the scoop. Excerpt:

Finally, according to the editor, Coleman's false assertion that he didn't know and we didn't say whether we might be on the take from some campaign, political party or anonymous benefactor, appeared to violate no Star Tribune standard. In his meeting with Coleman after my discussion with the editor yesterday morning, Coleman had told the editor that he "assumed" we received a stipend from the Claremont Institute. (Wrong. As we expressly stated here in response to Coleman's slander earlier this month, "we are not paid by anyone" for our work on the site. What part of "not" doesn't Coleman understand?)

I asked the editor what standards Coleman's column was subject to at the Star Tribune. He said he didn't know; he would have to research the answer to that question and get back to me. But they do have standards, which is of course a relief!

I could write this as a work of fiction and it would get rejected by every publisher on the grounds that even fiction has to be somewhat believable.

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