September 15, 2004

The power of prayer

I know that a lot of you are agnostics and/or atheists(we've had this discussion; the two are not freaking synonymous). However, prayer is about the only recourse available right now for the city of New Orleans. Over at Wizbang, Paul posts a tidbit that should tighten everyone's sphincter muscles.

... a [1998] Category 2 storm that only grazed New Orleans, had pushed waves to within a foot of the top of the levees. A stronger storm on a slightly different course -- such as the path Georges was on just 16 hours before landfall -- could have realized emergency officials' worst-case scenario: hundreds of billions of gallons of lake water pouring over the levees into an area averaging 5 feet below sea level with no natural means of drainage.
That would turn the city and the east bank of Jefferson Parish into a lake as much as 30 feet deep, fouled with chemicals and waste from ruined septic systems, businesses and homes. Such a flood could trap hundreds of thousands of people in buildings and in vehicles. At the same time, high winds and tornadoes would tear at everything left standing. Between 25,000 and 100,000 people would die, said John Clizbe, national vice president for disaster services with the American Red Cross.

This qualifies as a worst case scenario.

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