April 17, 2005

Stop digging

Maybe someone should remind Senate Republicans about the first rule of holes...

I didn't bother to comment on McCain's moronic "now the NY Times will love me" statement on Softball with Chris Matthews that he would oppose the "nuclear" option with regards to ending judicial filibusters. And yes, the Reuters' scare quotes are intentional around the word "nuclear". The idea that a filibuster is some sacrosanct, immutable law of the Senate is complete and utter bullshit. Check your history books(not the version found in California where George Bush roasts small children for shits and giggles) and you will notice that it used to require 67 votes to end cloture. The number now stands at 60. That change occurred in 1975, when Senator Byrd was Majority Whip, and it came about by simple majority-vote rule change. Anyone else notice the irony?

I hear that Senate Majority Leader Frist is backpedaling from the whole judicial filibuster thing and plans to focus on legistlative issues instead. Um, Senator Frist? You don't have a fucking clue. Try and beat the filibuster; you might actually win. And if enough wayward Republicans defeat the effort, that's fine, too: some of them are up for re-election next year. I'm already looking forward to those campaign speeches. But dicking around like, well, the French is only pissing of your base, including someone like me who nominally supports the (former)Republican economic issues. Not worried about losing my vote? Well, yuo ought to be worried about losing Hugh Hewitt's vote. Excerpt:

My message is simple: I will support on air and with cash those Democrats who oppose the Senate Republican incumbents who defect on this vote --so basic is the right of a nominee who reaches the floor to have an up or down vote, and so crucial are the coming battles for the Supreme Court.

Hugh is as big a GOP cheerleader you will ever find. If you lose him over this issue, you are, uh what's that word? Oh yeah: FUCKED.

Final word: I've argued many times with my (far more conservative) sister over voting for Republicans who are actually donkey's wearing a Velcro elephant costume. My point to her was this: "Why should I vote for Democrat-lite when the real thing exists?" Of course, she believes that voting for someone you think might be an asshole(my word, not her's) is better than voting a an honest-to-God shit-stain. In other words, the lesser of two evils is always better. Well, she's just plain wrong. I've voted GOP many times because I believed that the opposing Democrat would be a disaster for this country. So I sucked it up and decided to slowly apply the breaks to this country's descent into FUBAR-ville. Now? I'm so over it. I want to grease the rails to this handbasket to Hell and ignite a fucking JATO on the back. If we're heading down, I want to hit bottom as quickly as possible so that one of two things will happen:

1) Mass revolt of the population in general, who will throw off the tyrannic yoke of their government or

2) This grand experiment of ours will finally reached its historical cul de sac

Either way, I get to see what happens sooner rather than later.

Your choice, Senator: force a vote to the floor, or look forward to your position as Senate Minority leader.

Update: Just saw the following image at IMAO. Instant classic:


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1 I agree wholeheartedly. Frist and the rest of the rino's need to, as they say in my neck of the woods, "Shit or get off the pot." I sort of like your idea of forgetting the delay tactics and greasing the skids, for our descent into either Heaven or Hell. Where's that bucket of Lard?

Posted by: rad geek at April 16, 2005 04:01 AM (zj7LF)

2 I was thinking Vaseline. It's cheap and slimy which means, not surprisingly, that it's just like our elected officials.

Posted by: physics geek at April 16, 2005 05:08 AM (TRu8x)

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