October 28, 2004

Someone else washes their hands of the Democrat party

John Cole is will be voting a party line GOP vote this year for the first time ever. Okay, he's making an exception for Perdue, who by all accounts is a decent individual. Excerpt:

The following individuals might want to get in touch with John Kerry, the DNC, CBS, and the NY Times and tell them 'thanks.'

Joe Manchin, III- (D.) candidate for governor of WV
Barbara Evans Fleishcauer- (D) candidate for the WV House of Delegates
Robert "Bob" Beach- (D) candidate for the WV House of Delegates

Why would you want to get in touch with the Kerry campaign? Because I had planned to vote for you in the general election, but because of Kerry's behavior the past two days, I decided to tell all Democrats to go to hell.
At any rate, I normally vote 40-50% Republican, 25% libertarian, 25% Democratic. Not this year. Every Democrat is guilty as far as I am concerened. YOu chose this man, you live with him. I refuse to reward the behavior I have seen over the past four years.

If you're not reading Balloon Juice daily, well, why not?

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