April 22, 2004

Some for the road

Quote of the day from Neal

One-half of Philadelphia middle school teachers couldn't pass a basic federal competency test.; As they said on Fox News last night, this means that middle school students in Philly have a 50/50 chance of being right when they say that their teachers don't know what they're talking about.

Also found via Boortz is this sitep;which contains
the interesting notion that you can raise a baby without
having him/her wear diapers. Excerpt:

Rather than teaching a baby to eliminate into his or her intimate clothing and cleaning up after the fact, parents learn to listen and respond in the present moment to the baby's needs and communication.

"Teaching a baby to eliminate into his or her intimate clothing"?! How can you stop them? I imagine that the dialogue would proceed in this

Me: "Son, do you feel the need to go potty soon?"
Him: SPLORRRTTTTTT! ::splash::

The President lied!!! James Tartanto notes an exchange between Senator Clinton and Larry King that would be rocking all the major networks if, say, Laura Bush were the one being interviewed. Excerpt:

The lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq contradicts years of intelligence indicating Saddam had such weapons, which also was the conclusion of officials in the Clinton administration.

"The consensus was the same, from the Clinton administration to the Bush administration," she said. "It was the same intelligence belief that our allies and friends around the world shared. "

"But I think that in the case of the [Bush] administration, they really believed it. They really thought they were right, but they didn't let enough sunlight into their thinking process to really have the kind of debate that needs to take place when a serious decision occurs like that."

So Clinton didn't actually believe the intelligence reports, which makes him smart, and Bush is an imbecile because he believed it. O-tay!

Anyone that ever reads my stuff(thanks to both of you) realizes that I'm an agnostic when it comes to global warming, mainly due to two things:

1) I'm a scientist and want either evidence or a hypothesis that can be tested
in some manner. FYI: results from a model that cannot correctly forecast current climate conditions will be ignored if said results predict doom and gloom in the future.

2) I have no particular political agenda when it comes to the climate. This gives me the freedom to question any declarations made by either side.

In any event, the Imperial Torturer posts
about some more scientific whacking of all the Chicken Littles.

A family in Canada wants a law passed that will allow them to sue their daughter because she was in a car wreck while pregnant. The accident caused some damage to the little girl. Excerpt:

The family is as close as ever,but Doug Rewega wants to be able to take
legal action against his wife, Lisa, on behalf of their daughter, Brooklyn.

As close as ever? The Magic 8-Ball says: Unlikely.

Why did I have trouble getting dates before marriage? Apparently I'm an expensive drunk:

Pisces Style:
since you're pisces you proberly already now that
you share a sign- as well as an addictive
personality with--- Liv tyler,Liza Minelli and
Kurt Cobain. not only do pisces like to lose
themselves in the dream like state that only
hooch can induce, but they can build up a
strong tolerance real fast. who needs an
expensive date like that? on the other hand,
they're fabulosly enchanting partners, be it
conversation or crime with the right pisces you
can start out sgaring a pitcher of margaritas
and wind up in bed togeather for days. what?
the phrase 'addictive personality' can be seen
from two angles y'know

Alcohoroscopes MRK 2- the stars and your drinking style
brought to you by Quizilla

Quiz via Emilywho also provided me with this uplifting

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1 I guess the obvious question here is, "just exactly how insane IS Hillary?" Everyone believed it, and that's ok. Except that Bush is a liar because he believed it. What a freak.

Posted by: Harvey at April 23, 2004 07:08 PM (tJfh1)

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