July 29, 2004

Some comments

I'm a political junkie. My beloved wife? Not so much. However, during the conventions, she will dutifully sit with me while I watch some of the speeches so that we can spend some time together. Doesn't sound romantic? Mind your own business. Anyway, we watched John Edwards last night and there were a couple of times when my wife looked at me and said, "What the Hell is he talking about?" I refer specifically to the couple of mentions about how minorities are treated in this country. I'm too lazy to look up the particulars, but I remember it well enough to give you the gist:

1)"...and blacks had to go up to the balcony to watch a movie..."
WTF?! I felt like I'd entered a time warp to back before the Civil Rights Act had been passed. Like Edwards, I grew up in North Carolina. Unlike little John, I seem to remember that segregation ended some time ago. Am I saying that all bigotry has been erased in this country? Of course not; I'm not stupid. What I am saying is that this country has made great strides the last 40 years or so and John Edwards is purposely ignoring that. It couldn't possibly be some backhanded way of calling Republicans racist, could it? I dunno. My bullshit meter pegged the needle during that part of the speech.

2)"...minorities should have the save rights as everyone else and not be treated differently..."
Again I say, WTF?! I'm wondering if little John inhaled too many fumes working in the mill as a youth because his thought processes seemed to be stuck in that time period. Get a clue, dude. It's 2004, not 1954.

One final thought on the Dog and Donkey Show DNC: any party that gives Al Sharpton a coveted, primetime appearance on national television during it's national presidential nominating convention, and does so willingly, should be ashamed of itself. However, we know how little shame many Democrats have. And I'm referring to the self-styled leaders of the party and not the rank and file, so no crap about how I'm tarring all Dem's. For the record, though, the number of Democrats who actually appear reasonable seems to be shrinking. I had trouble finding a handful during the 2000 campaign who would say that the James Byrd ad was completely reprehensible. My guess is that it would be even more difficult this year.

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