July 15, 2004

Peggy Noonan clarifies her position

Well, this article expalined somewhat the position taken in this one, which had some of us scratching our heads. Take Mike's response in his Issue Table:

Issue: Kerry for President

Dem/Left position: Kaus, Noonan, and others say we ought to elect Kerry because Americans “need a breather” from WoT
*shocked silence*

Bush/Right position: ....is this some kind of joke?

Result/The trouble for the left is: Yet to be seen, but if this idea takes hold we might as well take our marbles, go home, and go ahead and build a damned fence around the continental US and quiver behind it from now on; get back to me when al Qaeda declares a “vacation” ceasefire; I don’t recollect any “breathers” during WW2, either; suck it up and grow a pair, for Christ’s sake

I have to say that if the general electorate chooses John Kerry because they think that emulating an ostrich(yes, I know that they don't really hide their heads in the sand) will be better for them, well, we're all screwed. Indolence and stupidity are no way for a country to survive. Go check your history books if you're not convinced. Make sure that it's a book written more than 20 years ago, though. You know why.

Update: The Puppy Blender posts an excellent email from Austin Beay with a followup from Rick Richman. Excerpt:

If they know that Bush will be there for four more years, with a mandate from the American people (earned after a campaign of unprecedented personal and political vilification by those who opposed the liberation of Iraq), decisions in Syria, Iran, North Korea and other places (including France and Germany) are going to be different.

Conversely, if the American electorate can be convinced to remove the commander-in-chief of the war on terror, to be replaced by the Education President, the Environmental President, etc. and his Two Americas vice-president, all of these other state actors will make decisions in a very different direction. They will perhaps not be able to see the subtety of a "breather" and "time out" and may mistake it for what it may in fact turn out to be: a surrender (except, of course, for the continuation of our 9/10 law enforcement and intelligence activities).

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