January 19, 2006

'Nuff said

Bill Quick has had enough. Excerpt:

I no longer have many liberal friends, and I don't expect to in the future, not until they either learn some manners, or develop slightly more open minds. Nor does that situation bother me. In fact, to be honest, I no longer care about convincing them of anything, which is a fool's errand anyway . All I want to do is crush their malignant ideologies, destroy any hold they have on political power, and otherwise render them harmless enough that I can ignore them entirely, the same way I ignore the masturbatory conversations ranting lunatics have with themselves on the streets of San Francisco.

At this point I find the endless effort on the part of libertarians and conservatives to "communicate" with liberals, to "convince" liberals a bit unseemly. It smacks of masochism and a sort of "Stockholm Syndrome," as if those on the right seem to believe they need some sort of liberal validation or agreement before their own positions can be deemed "acceptable," even to themselves.

We're in charge, not them. They need to seek our agreement, not the other way around. It's time we started to act like it.

My liberal friends are still my friends, mainly due to the fact that even though they love the Kool-Aid, they agree that my preferring Coca-Cola, while incomprehensible to them, is a perfectly acceptable choice. They try and make me change brands periodically, but they know that, in my heart, I will always prefer Coke.

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1 I gave up trying to explain the conservative viewpoint to liberal family members/friends. Practical realism and logic are apparently no match for narcissistic emotionalism.

Posted by: barry at January 21, 2006 06:18 AM (kKjaJ)

2 I just wish I could find one liberal who would at least TRY to explain his Kool-aid fixation in SOME form that makes it sound like an honest, thinking person might mistakenly believe it. For example, I knew a lib who hated Starbucks because it drove his favorite coffee shop out of business. That, at least, makes SOME sort of sense. It's a personal grudge. But to hate Starbucks when you don't even have one in your town? That's wacky. And more typical.

Posted by: Harvey at January 21, 2006 04:37 PM (ubhj8)

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