April 28, 2004

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Are you ready to embrace the penguin? If you're not sure, then go here to give Linux a testdrive.

Breakout the telescope and some beer: it's time for a party!

Reading science fiction cause global warming! Drinking a Slurpee causes global warming! Why not? It looks like everything causes global warming now.

Patient, heal thyself!

Obese children "face the prospect of coronary disease". No shit.

New H2O light: dryer than your regular water. Makes as much sense as what this "study" purports to prove. Funny how it contradicts decades of other research into the matter.

Does this sweater make me look fat?

Maybe people with pet slugs are next. Really folks, I already have a mother and a wife. I don't need a nanny and neither do my pets.

Screw these assholes. The Republicans gained control of the state legislature for the first time since the Reconstruction and them immediately emulate the tactics that got their opponents ousted. Good going, buttwipes. You've lost a voter in this state for the forseeable future.

What in the Hell is wrong with the world today? And I'm not making a snide remark about the current political culture in the US. I'm talking about headlines such as this one:12-year-old boy charged in girl's slaying.

Good news. And it's about time. I'll be watching the tests very closely.

So we-the readers- are to blame for your hiring/employing a lazy, no-talent hack? Guess again.

Are the Dem's suffering from buyer's remorse over John Kerry? Hugh Hewitt takes a look:

Dems know he's a loser. But can anything be done?
Who knows? Don't bother looking up the rules governing nominations. There were rules in Florida, and the Florida Supreme Court tore those up when Gore needed help. There were rules in New Jersey, but when Torricelli flamed, the New Jersey Supreme Court tossed those aside. There were rules in California, and three judges ordered a halt to the recall that only went forward because the luck of an en banc draw brought sanity to the review panel.

No, the rules won't stop Kerry's recall. Only Teddy can, and the weight of the senior senator from Massachusetts shouldn't be underestimated. The Kerry campaign is his last hurrah, and the convention's in Boston, for goodness sake. What kind of a reception would follow a party that tossed Kerry onto the tracks?

Jonah Goldberg, over at the Corner, on John Kerry:


Matt Yglesias writes about the Kerry Medal flap: "The real mystery in all this, if you ask me, is why Republicans persist in raising an issue that can't help but make their man look bad when the Bush and Kerry military records are contrasted."

First, I don't buy the desperate line that solely "Republicans" are raising this issue. The LA Times, Charlie Gibson and Tim Russert do not a vast right wing conspiracy make. Second, I'm mystified as to why he's mystified. Here are few plausible theories why some Republicans might think this is a good story for Bush:

1. Candidates only get one theme ascribed to them. For Gore it was "he exaggerates and lies to make himself look good" or something like that. It wasn't always fair, but it was no more unfair than the "Bush is stupid and ignorant" theme. For Kerry it's increasingly looking like his one theme is "can't take a stand on anything" or "can't be straightforward." This "I threw the medals away if by medals you mean the ribbons because I would never throw away the medals because they are too important to me even though I never saw a difference between the medals and the ribbons and I would have thrown away the medals if I had the medals with me even though that's not what I used to say or what I will be saying tomorrow" thing only reinforces this negative identification.

2. People already have made up their minds about Bush and his National Guard service. Indeed, he's a known quality in general. So while rage may still burn bright at the American Prospect over Bush' National Guard stint, most Americans stopped caring a while ago. However, people are only now being introduced to Kerry and what they're seeing is a caricature of stiff, pompous Senator.

3. As I try to point out in my column today (not up yet), Kerry has a particular problem with Vietnam. Unlike say John McCain, Kerry has two completely contradictory Vietnam narratives and he wants to brag about both and not be criticized on either. Lots of politicians have tried to have it both ways on Vietnam. But wants to get credit for fighting in a war which he says was criminal and a mistake and he wants credit for denouncing that war as criminal too. Meanwhile, lots of Vietnam vets and other pro-military types think the real Kerry is the one who came home from war, not the one who went to war. I think, given Kerry's record as a politician, that is the only logical position and the more people who realize that, the worse it is for Kerry.

4. Kerry looks like an arrogant shmuck when he's defensive. Any time the GOP or anybody else can get under his skin, the better it is for Bush. Particularly if it involves any kind of contradiction or inconsistency on Kerry's part because the guy looks like such an idiot when he insists that A and Not A are both simultaneously true.

5. During a war the Americans still support, it's always good (for the GOP) to have footage of the Democratic nominee calling American troops -- of any era -- war criminals.

6. And this one's a bit of a stretch. There are still people in this country who think the anti-war Kerry was right and the pro-war Kerry was telling the truth when he called Americans war-criminals. To see Kerry back-pedal on that doesn't only reinforce the image that he wants to have it every which-way, it might actually turn off the pugnacious doves in the Democratic electorate. I like to call these people "Nader voters."

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