April 20, 2004

Just had to add this

Was over perusing the posts over at Cold Fury when I saw that Mike had linked to this article wherein the author discusses how, like Zell Miller, the Democrat party has left him. Excerpt:

In a way, what the Democratic party is now is somewhat like a first wife thought about at a safe distance from the divorce. You know you loved her at some point but you can't really remember why. You know she was beautiful to you then, but now you can only see the ruins of that beauty, and you are glad you got the best years. You know that, yes, you must have been happy with her and had a lot of good times. But now you can't remember where or when. In fact, when you think about her now you can't really believe you wasted all those declining years with here just because you believed that somehow, some time, she would grow sane, beautiful, and young again.

Life and politics though don't run backwards. One the hardest things to learn in life is when to leave, that's why we're always leaving late. It's not that the Republicans are running the most decent game in town. It is only that lately they seem to be the only game in town, at least the only one that puts America first. That's why I'm getting on their train. At least to the next stop.

Read it all. His point of view represents a lot more of this country than people think. As I've mentioned in the past, I'm dismayed at what the Democrats have become. I voted for Doug Wilder because I thought he was the best candidate for the job here in Virginia. Turns out that I was right because he managed to correct a fiscal nightmare while acting in a principled manner. A Democrat such as Wilder probably couldn't get elected today because he's not rabid enough. Too bad.

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1 Coming coming white understand everyone divorce, vary American feet ago.

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3 WOW! I'll add your site to my bookmarks.

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