November 29, 2004

I'm not ashamed

Okay, I also watch Desperate Housewives. However, I can tell that I'm a little older than Jay. Excerpts:

1) Teri Hatcher. She's one of the best comic actresses around, both in timing and physicality. Put her on the screen and you're guaranteed laughs.
Further, she's a screaming hottie about whom I've harbored impure thoughts about since I first saw her in "Lois And Clark." She is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

First saw her on Lois and Clark? Bah. I'm surrounded by children. I remember her playing Penny Parker on MacGyver. Her appearance in an early episode of Tales From The Crypt was memorable more for her wearing a nice lacy bra than anything else. She was, and still is, drop dead gorgeous. I have one other quibble with Jay's commentary:

But Teri, please, take it from someone who's loved you for years. Keep the clothes on. I saw you in "Heaven's Prisoners," and -- how can I say this kindly? -- gravity has not been kind to you. Keep wearing the hot clothes.

He needs to rent Cool Surface and check out Teri pre-sag. ::drool:: Besides, I don't know what he expects from a curvy woman when she makes it to 40. Some things are bound to be a little less firm. I prefer to think of it as well-aged, like a really good wine.

2) Felicity Huffman. Of course he mentions Sports Night, but he neglects two earlier notable TV appearances: Golden Years, which was my first introduction to Ms. Huffman, and a 1st season appearance on the X Files in the episode "Ice".

3) Marcia Cross. I was first introduced to this shapely redhead on Melrose Place( and no, I'm not ashamed about that one either) back in 1992. I've had a... thing... for her since then.

All these children in the blogiverse make me feel old. Okay, that and the fact that I AM old.

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