August 26, 2004

Hard to argue with this

Jay Nordlinger rankled me a bit in today's Impromptus. Here's the offending excerpt:

I must tell you which people I most contemn right now, here in America: conservatives who will not vote for Bush, or who have "reservations," because he's not pure enough. "Oh, his spending, oh, his steel tariffs [which were imposed for like two seconds]!" Come on: There's a war on. Don't these people know it? Will there ever be a weightier contrast between the two major candidates? Will the stakes ever be higher? I mean, this is 1864-ish.

I must say I retch at these conservatives, about whom I read. (I'm not talking about the anti-war, anti-Bush conservatives: I'm talking about the ones who are for the war, but who draw back from support of Bush because, like just about every politician — necessarily — he's impure.) They seem to me, above all, immature: to misunderstand democracy, to reject politics, to give off whiffs of totalism.

Donald Sensing has a far better grasp of the situation than Rich, and he manages to present his point without the condescension. Nordlinger obviously does NOT get it.

Yes, I'm still a blog for Bush, but only because of the WOT. The M-F bill was and is an abomination. If it doesn't become the most flouted law in the history of this country-and I'm including Prohibition here- then this country will deserve what it gets. Now that a little piece of the 1st Amendment has been chipped away, more are sure to follow.

Update: Not surprisingly, Spoons feels a little less love towards Nordlinger.

Update #2: Someone could have mentioned that I typed Rich Lowery's name instead of Jay Nordlinger's in my original post. I'm just sayin', is all.

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