April 27, 2004

From the ?who knew? category

Michael Graham posted this little exchange. Kudos to the WaPo for deciding to write fantasy stories full time. I guess it's easier than pretending to be a newspaper.

The Washington Post has been doing a series on the Red State/Blue State divide. Yesterday they profiled the "typical" Red State voter, described by writer David Finkel as a huntin', grits-eatin', church-goin' quasi-bigot redneck whose "truck is a Chevy. His beer is Bud Light. His savior is Jesus Christ." The entire piece was a tribute to East Coast snobbery and stereotyping.

This morning came the typical Blue Stater. Would it be a homosexual couple in San Fran's Castro District? A single, black mom in Harlem?

No, it's a straight, white, blue-collar, never-divorced Catholic couple with two happy, straight adult children...and who don't even drink. Oh, yeah, this is Deep Blue heart of the Kerry coalition.

If these are the hard-core liberal voters, yesterday's Red Stater should have been a pot-smoking agnostic Republican living in subsidized housing.

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