April 22, 2004

Desert Island Bloggers Which 10

Desert Island Bloggers

Which 10 bloggers would you bring to a desert island?

Kim from The G-Spot

Yes, Kimmy is first on the list. I don’t think I would be able to take her without Darin and the kids, so this may end up being more than 10 people…but, man, would it be fun. Kim is genuine, funny, spontaneous and very supportive.

Ed from Captain's Quarters
Ed’s integrity is what guarantees him a place on the island. He is level headed, fair, intelligible and interesting to talk with in areas of differed opinion.

Her Grooviness from Eurotrash
Really, what would a desert island be without a wacky Brit? Someone has to pour the pints and write her own paper instead of working for the man.

FoO from GotFoO
I don’t know if you’ve been reading long enough to know how I found FoO. But it was from a search for the phrase “America’s Favorite Freak.” This, of course, was referring to Michael Jackson. But, once I found FoO, he was strangely magnetic.

Amanda from Hot Abercrombie Chick

Ah, our philosopher. The world would be a much different place if it weren’t for philosophers. We have to have her with!

Stu from GuruStu
Who else is going to teach us how to relax while waiting for our rescue? Plus, he would be great at engaging Amanda in a philosophical discussion.

SJ from Sarcastic Journalist
She’s actually available for a trip to a desert island now that she was fired. Oh, and she’s pregnant too, so the population continuation would be ensured.

Laurence from Amish Tech Support
What is it about the name Simon that gets everyone riled up? In this case it’s true. Laurence Simon really shakes things up and I wouldn’t want to be out on an island without someone having the capacity to be brutally honest. Plus, he’s Jewish. It can’t just be me.

Daniel from Was I There?
Daniel is a lot like Kim in that I wouldn’t be able to take him without Richard, so I’m adding even more to the list. What the hell, we’ll have fun, right? Daniel is going to bring his uniqueness, style and nachos to the table.

Goldie from dramaqueen
Goldie, Goldie, Goldie. I would want Goldie with just to lighten things up and make them more ethereal. She puts the yum in yummy.

And, just to keep up the whole blogger support thing, here is where this idea is stolen from:

Da Goddess from:

Up Yours from:

Right Wing News

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