April 27, 2004

Debunking global disasters(an ongoing series)

Via Kim du Toit comes this little article detailing how the editors of Nature magazine have been swapped en masse with those from The Weekly World News. No offense to TWWN. Excerpt:

It's not the first time, either. Just as scientists "admitted privately" the models don't work, so have prestigious environmental journalists told me privately they are concerned about Nature's handling of global warming stories, both in terms of increasingly shoddy reviews and timing clearly designed to influence policy. No one has forgotten that in 1996 Nature featured a paper, right before the most important U.N. conference leading to the Kyoto protocol, "proving" models forecasting disastrous warming were right. The paper was subsequently found to have used data selectively to generate its dire result.
Note to Nature: Even journalists, normally your friends on global warming, are getting suspicious.

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