November 17, 2004

Darwin was wrong

When idiots like the woman in this story survives, you just know that natural selection isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Excerpt:

Last January, Frankhouser was hit by a train as she walked along railroad tracks in her hometown of Jeannette, Pa., a southeastern suburb of Pittsburgh.

Amazingly, she came away from the encounter with only a broken finger, some cuts and, according to the lawsuit, "pain."

That's not all, folks: she's suing the rail company for not warning her to walk on the tracks.

"Defendant's failure to warn plaintiff of the potential dangers negligently provided plaintiff with the belief she was safe in walking near the train tracks," Frankhouser's suit asserts.

It goes on to state that Norfolk Southern, based in Norfolk, Va., should have posted signs warning passersby "of the dangers of walking near train tracks and that the tracks were actively in use."

Anyone else want to get in line and bitch-slap some frigging sense into this dimwit? I swear to God, I don't know what's happened to the people in this country. Every time something bad happens to someone, they want to win the tort jackpot. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Fuck. Them. And fine them for filing frivolous lawsuits.

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1 Now let's compare the modern scientific theories (described in the quotes above) with the Creation account in Genesis, point by point, to see how completely incompatible they are: Science: The universe has been evolving for billions of years after the Big Bang. Genesis: God created the universe in six days (Genesis 1:1-31). Later in this article we will examine many reasons why these were literal, 24-hour days. Science: The sun and most of the stars evolved before the earth was formed. Genesis: The earth was created before the sun and stars (the earth on the first day - Genesis 1:2-5, the sun and stars on the fourth day - Genesis 1:14-19). Science: The earth started off as "a small world of stone and iron." There was dry land before the first oceans were formed. Genesis: The oceans were created before dry land (oceans on the first day - Genesis 1:2-7, dry land on the third day - Genesis 1:9-12). Science: The first lifeforms evolved in the oceans. Genesis: The first forms of life were plants on dry land (on the third day - Genesis 1:9-12). Science: Fish evolved in the oceans before plants appeared on land. Genesis: Plants and trees were created on land before fish were created (plants and trees on the third day - Genesis 1:9-13, fish on the fifth day - Genesis 1:20-23). Science: Fish evolved millions of years before birds. Genesis: Fish and birds were created during the same 24-hour period (the fifth day - Genesis 1:20-23). Science: Reptiles evolved before whales (which are mammals). Genesis: Whales were created before reptiles (whales on the fifth day - Genesis 1:20-23, reptiles on the sixth day - Genesis 1:24-31). Science: Reptiles and land mammals evolved before birds. Genesis: Birds were created before reptiles and land mammals (birds on the fifth day - Genesis 1:20-23, reptiles and land mammals on the sixth day - Genesis 1:24-31). Science: Sea mammals (the ancestors of dolphins and whales) arose in the same period as the first primates (the ancestors of monkeys and humans). Genesis: Sea mammals were created before monkeys and humans (sea mammals on the fifth day - Genesis 1:20-23, monkeys and humans on the sixth day - Genesis 1:24-31). Science: Life evolved by gradually changing from one type of lifeform into a new kind of lifeform. Genesis: Life was created "according to their various kinds" (Genesis 1:11, 12, 21, 24, 25). Genesis reveals that God created each kind of animal without any hint of an evolutionary process. It is significant that plants and animals were all created "according to their kinds," but humans were created "in the image of God" (Genesis 1:27). From the beginning, humans were created to be different from the animals. Humans did not evolve from any animals. Notice that it is quite clear that the Creation account and the scientific theories completely contradict each other. There are essentially no points of agreement between the modern scientific theories and the Biblical account of Creation. It is easy to see that they are totally incompatible with each other, and that they cannot be merged or combined into a single explanation. If you still are not convinced, try this. Go back over the points listed above and see if you can find a way to merge the two views together. It can't be done. Only one of these explanations can be true, which means that the other explanation must be false. As Christians, are we going to believe the world's explanation (the various scientific theories), or are we going to believe God's explanation (Special Creation)?

Posted by: Becca at October 06, 2005 10:18 PM (MpdHX)

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