October 23, 2006

Choosing a distro

Some of you out there might want to give Linux a try. Others might want to extend the life/usefulness of an aging laptop or desktop. Still others might be a mixture of the previous two categories. In any event, unless you're an experienced Linux user, you're probably a bit overwhelmed at the enormous number of available Linux distros available. In fact, I'll bet that that leads to confusion among the PC using public, which in turn prevents them from giving Linux a try. But fear not! A little test exists which can help you choose a distribution that'll work for you.

Editor's note: I've tried the test several times and it appears that it could be weighted towards the more popular distros out there. Being a bit of a gearhead, I lean towards the Slackware distributions in real life. However, that particular OS did not appear in my results, which included Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mandriva and Fedora.

Update: I tried once more and selected "Expert" under Linux knowledge. Lo and behold, Slackware appeared. I'll be truthful and state that I do not consider myself and expert. In fact, I'll wager that no actual expert would consider me one. But I do like Slackware. A lot. Anyway, consider the quiz to be a useful tool, not the Oracle of Delphi.

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