October 14, 2004

Can't win? Change the rules

After the game is played, of course. Stephen Green links to a Drudge report which, at first blush, would appear to be a work of fiction. However, based on the actions of the national Democrats the last 4 years, it's probably true. The gist? Democrats are supposed to allege voter intimidation, even if none exits. Isn't that special?

I've given my "what the hell has happened to the Democrat party?" speech before, so I'm not going to replay it now. However, I cannot stress how much damage these assholes are doing to this great country of ours, all with the sole purpose of aquiring power. Apparently, Democrats feel(and not all Democrats- don't screw with me here) that the presidency belongs to them by divine right. Not only the presidency, of course. I'm certain that the red state boobs who continually vote for Republicans are on the Democrats' shit list, too.

Here's what needs to happen: the Dem's as a party need to get their collective asses kicked on November 2. If, by some stroke of luck, Kerry actually wins, you can kiss the country that you've known and loved goodbye. You think I'm overstating the case? Consider this:

1) The country will be deluged by a flood of lefty moonbat political advertisements, not so cleverly disguised as movies, which will make Farenheit 9/11 look mild by comparison. Expected release dates? Every election cycle. Count on it.

2) States in which the Democrats control the courts will overturn, twist, or neglect any law that acts as a potential barrier to a Democrat getting elected. The Torricelli option will become the gold standard for the entire country.

3) The broadcast networks will drop all pretense(okay, it's almost a done deal now) of objectivity in their newscasts. Any and all allegations about possible Republican misdeeds will become the subject of nightly investigative coverage. In the event that no evidence is discovered, the talking heads will simply announce that "the investigation is continuing". Videotapes of Democrats robbing the local 7/11 will be ignored or decried as "partisan attacks". You think things are being swept under the rug now? Pshaw. You haven't seen anything yet.

The last time I voted for a Democrat running for a serious office was when I submitted a ballot that I had checked for Doug Wilder, the first-and only, so far- black governor in the USA. At this rate, I may not vote for a Democrat again. Ever.

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1 In the event that no evidence is discovered, the talking heads will simply announce that "the investigation is continuing". Heh. Yeah, you'd be France. Regards

Posted by: Andrew at October 15, 2004 10:18 AM (uArDc)

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