March 21, 2007

Book review

Steve at Hog On Ice recently had a book published, The Good, The Spam and The Ugly, wherein he tackled those irritating Nigerian email spammers. I've read with great amusement his blog posts on this topic for a long time, so I expected a lot from his book. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. My story doesn't involve bathing in diarrhea, nor does involve the manly lifting of bedsheets via prolific manly wind.

Sorry to disappoint.

I started reading Steve's book, as I usually do, in bed next to my wife. Beloved spouse is a, God forbid, morning person, so she usually drops off long before I do. What this means is that I'm free to do whatever I like, as long as it's quiet and relatively motionless; waking my wife in an untimely fashion tends to rouse the Sybil in her, so I take pains to stay very still. Normally, this is pretty easy. Unfortunately, I was reading Steve's book.

I knew that laughing out loud would cause me lots of grief, so I tried to keep quiet. I succeeded in not making a sound, but I was unable to keep my body from responding, which, in turn, created the dreaded bedquake. The first couple of times I was able to convince my wife that the shaking had been caused by one of our cats. Pretty soon, though, I ran out of cats, which meant I had run out of excuses, so it was time sleep or move into a different room. Fortunately, the bathroom was close.

Don't say it: every woman I know wonders why men like to read in the bathroom, while every man I know doesn't understand the question. Regardless, I finally finished the book last night, which was too bad because I was laughing until the very end.


Good work, Steve. I look forward to your next effort.

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