January 12, 2007

Best beer in the world selected

And it wasn't because of the taste.

European men are flocking to Bulgaria to buy 'breast-boosting beer' after EU accession led to customs duties on the drink being abolished.

The millet-ale called Boza which is made from fermented wheat flour and yeast is being snapped up by bar owners, shopkeepers and shoppers from across Europe.

They are said to be keen for their wives and girlfriends to benefit from its reported ability to make women's breasts grow.

Constantin Barbu crossed the Danube from Romania to buy Boza in the Bulgarian border town of Ruse.

He said: "I've bought a case for my wife to try out. I really hope I see an improvement."

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1 It's true, boza (alternative spelling: booza) makes female breasts grow. A side effect that's not so welcome is that bottoms grow, too. Moreover, boza is no beer. It's very sweet. It has some alcohol content but you have to drink at least 2-3 litters to feel some intoxication (which will make you go to the WC).

Posted by: vlado at January 13, 2007 07:27 AM (g32Kl)

2 Can we homebrew some? I need a clone recipe!

Posted by: Robb Allen at January 15, 2007 08:57 PM (+7GIe)

3 Vefa boza, as it is known, is made only from hulled millet, which is boiled in water and then poured into broad shallow pans. When cool the mixture is sieved, and water and sugar added. In a scientific study of boza carried out by the Turkish Science and Technology Institute for Vefa Bozacisi, the drink was found to be extremely healthy and nourishing. One litre of boza contains a thousand calories, four types of vitamins A and B, and vitamin E. During fermentation lactic acid, which is contained by few foods, is formed, and this facilitates digestion.(Wikipedia)

Posted by: peer gynt at January 16, 2007 03:36 AM (ot9Uo)

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