November 15, 2004

Around the horn

It's been months since I posted a linkfest. I got kinda sidetracked, what with the election and all. Man, I'm glad that's over for a while. Anyway, on with whatever I've culled from the web and blogiverse:
Now that is an expensive dam.

A mach-10 jet. I think I'm getting all tingly inside.

So now a for-pay version of The Book Of Mormon is being produced. I guess "free" wasn't good enough?

Scientific wonder: a walking, talking plant. Okay, I've just insulted the azaleas in my yard.

Eight-week-old kitten Milo sits  Monday Nov.1, 2004 in the washing machine that nearly killed him earlier after he climbed in through curiosity. Milo disappeared at Ginny Troth's house in  Redditch, central England, recently and bedded down in the laundry for a cat-nap. But Mrs Troth, who had been searching for him, unwittingly switched on the machine for a spin wash. Mrs Troth said she only realized where the inquisitive tabby might be about halfway through the cycle. (AP Photo/Rui Vieira)
Hey, look in the f**king machine next time!

The most recent bug fix for Internet Explorer has been released. Code name? Firefox.

Odo's character on Boston Legal has been upgraded to permanent cast member. About time.

This news story contains a line that you almost never see:

A British skydiver has survived a 3,500ft fall after his parachute failed to open.
Charlie Williams, 25, was saved by a corrugated iron roof he smashed through at 120mph.

The producers of this German soap opera really bend over backwards to please you.

The interim coach of the Dolphins makes the same effing mistake that his predecessor made: he's starting Feeley. I believe that the word "permanent" will not be attached to this coach's resume. On the other hand, Feeley isn't very mobile. Behind Miami's makeshift O-line, that could be trouble. Big, big trouble.

>Ace links to a story that shows that maybe stupidity is to blame for France's myriad problems.

Don't piss off Susie; she might bring out the Comfy chair. I think that my results are unsurprising:

You are the Abuse Clerk. You dish out verbal abuse all day long as the customer keeps paying. AAH, what satisfying work!
You are the Abuse Clerk! You dish out verbal (and
some physical!) abuse all day long as
the customer keeps payin'! Aaah...such
satisfying work!

What Monty Python Sketch Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

The Queen of All Evil has a related quiz which yields the expected result. I, on the other hand, am a pimply, bespectacled nerd-boy playing a D&D wizard in my mom's basement. And we didn't even have a basement. The comment on my social life is accurate, though.

You are Tim the Enchanter! Sure you can blow up small objects, but no-one really respects you. But you'll have the last laugh...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
You are Tim the Enchanter! Sure you can blow up
small objects, but no-one really respects you.
But you'll have the last

Which Monty Python & the Holy Grail Character are you REALLY?
brought to you by Quizilla

Update: Susie had the same results as Rosemary. Hmmm. I'm thinking about wandering the English countryside whilst dressed as a knight. Or I would be if I weren't married.

Jen posts about the Three Stages of Karoake, which is not to be confused with the Five Levels of Drinking. Trust when I tell you that there's a good reason I don't drink heavily in establishments sporting one of those machines. Leann links to a little animation that's sure to make your heart grow lighter. I have to admit that I have the winning icon on my desktop at home.

The Bartender is sure to catch some flak for the joke he posted here. In a related story, I got my ass kicked in middle school for telling the following "joke" to a girl:

"Here's a joke that'll flatten your chest...oops, I see you've already heard it." ::smack::

Just to prove that God has a sense of humor(and that I was a world class moron as a teenager), Meg developed quite nicely in high school. Spectacular, even. She forgave me, of course, but she never forgot. At least that's what I'm guessing because she kept "accidentally" showing me her cleavage for the next 4 years. Yeah, accidental. That's it.

Annika asks a question that cannot be answered without massive amounts of drugs.

Iowahawk has the goods on a disease spreading like wildfire throughout the Blue States. It appears that the rot is deep.

I agree completely with Harvey. Call it the non-Silicon Valley Q-factor.

Quantifying this Jeff Goldstein post is left as an assignment for the reader. Funny, I feel that way about a lot of the stuff at Protein Wisdom. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

"Question authority, but not ours. Hate the man, but we're not him."

When reality hits you in the face. Not that I'm gloating or anything, mind.

James displays a picture of a car that might prove difficult to unload. I'm just saying.

A travel guide that all Blue Staters will need to read before traveling to the areas populated by us stoopid folk.

I hear that there's a little Nip in the air today. Also, the troops in Fallujah are exploiting Chinks in the enemy's armor. More like this here and here.

I'm glad that Jim Treacher isn't angry with me. Then again, my blog creeps along under the radar of, oh, pretty much everyone.

If you're visiting Kim du Toit's site regularly, well, you're missing out. Especially when he posts things like this.

::sniff:: A peace agreement has finally been reached in the Middle East. I'm getting a little misty-eyed.

The Carnival of the Recipes #13 is up and cooking. Go and drool. Better yet, go and cook.

Okay, there's a lot more out there, but I've had it. I'd forgotten how tiring these things were. Back to my job where I can get some rest.

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1 Thanks, Matt!

Posted by: Susie at November 16, 2004 03:12 AM (cpb8T)

2 Note to self: build time-machine, insult flat-chested girls... Hey... YOU have a time machine! Can I borrow it?

Posted by: Harvey at November 16, 2004 09:01 PM (tJfh1)

3 Are you certain that I own it? I could have sworn it was Frank G.. However, let me dig around back here underneath all of my micro-games, scifi novels and D&D books. If it's there, I'll find it.

Posted by: physics geek at November 16, 2004 09:29 PM (Xvrs7)

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