September 22, 2004

An interesting perspective

This site usually makes me laugh so hard that I nearly vomit. This article, though, mixes in some pretty coherent analysis with the humor. Excerpt:

The phenomenon that will form the first real cracks in your Democracy begins here. There has begun a strange sort of anti-cynicism where the average American will believe nothing the politicians from the opposing party tell them, but will believe any piece of rubbish they read on a website ("Socialists are building concentration camps to imprison American patriots!" "The 9/11 plane that flew into the Pentagon was an elaborate hoax!") as long as it supports the political party they have aligned themselves with.

Now, a storm of talk radio jockeys and a herd of bloggers on both sides of the aisle and have brought the craziness into the main arteries of the politicial zeitgeist. Thus, today one can also crack open an issue of a Florida newspaper, settle in for a boring article about the electoral college, and then run into this proverbial turd in the punchbowl:

"After Bush's theft of the 2000 election and his clear swoon in the electoral vote tabulations, he is widely believed to have a dirty trick up his sleeve. Pakistan may have trapped Osama bin Laden in an Afghan cave and be planning to help Bush produce him – three years late – just before Nov. 2. A few months ago, there were press rumors that trucks hired by the United States were shipping weapons of mass destruction into Iraq, for timely discovery. And the way has been prepared to postpone the election if we suffer another major terror attack."

Again, let us assume that George Bush is a supernova of evil. And let us assume that he is the most cunning genius ever to have walked the planet. This journalist would casually have us believe that the same man whose people cannot keep the UK press from filming him undressing by a window can keep what would be this century's most explosive secret (the capture of the most important world figure since Adolf Hitler, or the buying and smuggling of WMD's, the single most illegal and monitored substances on the planet) to the point that not a single person involved speaks out.

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