July 28, 2004

A simple lesson

Emily weighs in on the recent Ronstadt/shitheadMoore hubbub. Excerpt:

Unlike the management of the Aladdin hotel and casino, I couldn't care less what Linda Ronstadt thinks of Michael Moore. When I go out to enjoy an evening, though, I prefer not to have politics of any brand shoved down my throat, so I guess I'll just scratch Ronstadt off my list of performers I would like to see live.

However, I would like to say this: Ms. Rondstadt, I will take my head out of my mashed potatoes if you pull yours out of your asshole. That was such a condescending remark that I'm shocked a woman of your age would say something like that. If Americans need to inform themselves on issues, the last effing place they should be doing it is at one of your concerts or at a goddamm movie theater. At least you are benevolent enough to not dictate to your fans the way they vote. Thank you for your generosity on that count.

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