April 27, 2006

A lost cause

I'm with Jonah on this one:

Irrespective and regardless of numerous objections from readers, I stand by my position that irregardless is not a word. As this explains it is at best "nonstandard" English. The most I am willing to concede to my critics is that the war to keep irregardless out of common usage is surely a losing one.

For a longer explanation of the "word's" controversy check out World Wide Words

I grit my teeth every time that piece of claptrap dribbles from someone's mouth. Gah.

Update: Derbyshire has more:

---Irregardless. A lost cause. I saw the wonderful movie Hester Street soon after it came out in 1975. At the point where the smart-aleck lawyer says: "Irregardless, as we lawyers say..." everyone in the movie theater laughed. Today, nobody would see the joke.

I'm reminded of time back in the 1990s when Websters essentially said fuck it and stopped to point out the distinctions between imply and infer, finally listing them as synonyms. I knew then that the end times were upon us.

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1 How about "irregardlessly"? :-) My personal peeve is another lawyerism - the use of "timely" as an adverb (e.g. "the project was completed timely"). As I usually explain to people who look at me funny: To do something "quickly" means to do it with "quickness", so when you say you did something "timely" do you mean you did it with "timeness"?

Posted by: Harvey at May 04, 2006 07:01 AM (L7a63)

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