July 29, 2004

A Democrat for George Bush

I just finished reading Bob Just's article over at WND. Just is a lifelong Democrat-I believe- who believes that George Bush is the right man for the job this election year. I was struck by certain simliarities between his stance and that of Michele, who will be voting for a Repulican for President this year for the first time ever. And I have to wonder how many other R-voting-Dem's there will be in this year's election. Anyway, the post is well worth reading in its entirety, but here's a snippet to whet your appetite for more:

Now is a time of decision. We must choose who we are as a people. Voters will soon be going to the polls to actually pick a country. Sadly, most of us don't really know that in fact this is what we are doing. Some conservatives, preoccupied by legitimate complaints about certain Bush decisions, are actually thinking of "third-party" voting. In an election where every vote counts this would be a disaster, not just because a vote for a conservative third party candidate would be a vote for John Kerry (and age-old argument against third parties) but even more because George Bush is absolutely the right man for the job. I believe he is essential to our future. Here's why.

George W. Bush understands the choice our nation faces, just as Ronald Reagan understood it. I think President Bush knows that we have reached the pivot point in America's effort to reclaim itself from 20th-century secularism. In his farewell address, President Reagan further warned Americans that although there was a resurgence of patriotism in America, it would not take hold unless we institutionalized this "new patriotism." It couldn't last if it was only a matter of popular opinion because the entrenched secular establishment described above would resist. Reagan knew we had to fight for America. And now that fight is fully joined.

Go read it all.

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