November 29, 2004

A blogger changing her stripes

It looks like some freaky-deak Michael Moore fans have threatened bodily harm against Rachel Lucas. Consequently, she will be starting a new blog using a pseudonym. As regrettable-and ridiculous- as that seems, I agree with her position and wish her well. However, I will be on the lookout for her new blog. Here's her hint:

I'll ask a few of my blogging friends, whose blogs most of you probably read, to toss up a link to my new blog when it's ready, without mentioning my name. Most of you will probably figure it out. But new readers won't, and that's the idea. More on all this later. I'm kinda stressed out today. I feel bad about not writing people back and I am tortured by it, believe it or not.

Good luck, Rachel. I'll follow the breadcrumbs to your new home, wherever that might be.

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