August 11, 2008

If you don't understand this, you probably had sex during your college years

From Xkcd:

sudo sandwich.png

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August 08, 2008

Party of the stupid, part infinity plus one

The GOP has a great issue- energy- that's actually working for them. So what do they do? They decide to piss it away.

It’s taken time, but Sen. McCain and his party have finally found—in energy—an issue that’s working for them. Riding voter discontent over high gas prices, the GOP has made antidrilling Democrats this summer’s headlines. . . .

Still, it was probably too much to assume every Republican would work out that their side was winning this issue. And so, last Friday, in stumbled Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Thune, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Corker and Johnny Isakson—alongside five Senate Democrats. This “Gang of 10” announced a “sweeping” and “bipartisan” energy plan to break Washington’s energy “stalemate.” What they did was throw every vulnerable Democrat, and Mr. Obama, a life preserver.

If you're response is WTF?!, be aware that an explanation does exist, courtesy of Rob:

Sound like a good deal? It’s not. So why are these Republicans on board with it? Lindsey Graham is from South Carolina. John Thune is from South Dakota. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson are from Georgia. Bob Corker is from Tennessee. Every one of these states has a significant base of agriculture that’s tied in with the ethanol industry. What these guys are doing is putting what’s best for the ethanol lobbyists, who are no doubt regular visitors to their offices, over what is best for the country.

Some day the GOP will finally realize that it's bullshit like this that has returned them to minority party status. Or maybe not. It's not like you see a lot of Whig candidates these days.

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Worth 1000 words

Check out the picture in this post by Gerard.

In honor of this year's Summer Olympics, some new competitions will debut. Here are a couple:

1) The Run in Front of the Tank Relay.

2) The Dissident Debate Biathalon, where one competitor states an opinion, the second competitor disagrees and the first then shoots the second. Yes, much like chess, going first in this "sport" is an advantage.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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If only

The Paris Hilton spoofing of McCain ended up highlighting the deficiencies of Obama's plan. Someone emailed to Jerry Pournelle what I think would be a great followup:

McCain moving to the realm of "Cool"

If Paris Hilton can mock McCain (& Obama - but the impetous is McCain) , then McCain must be moving to the realm of "cool"! To steal a march, McCain should come out with his own mock add:

Scene - McCain in a lawn chair with a beach umbrella; obviously in a 'back yard'. He's wearing swim trunks, Hawaiian shirt, flip-flops, and a sun hat. His nose is smeared with zinc oxide and he's holding a glass of iced tea. Long shot of back yard, moves in to headshot.

McCain - "Boy, I wish I had a job like this. It's got to be nice to have no responsibilities, but still dream of being president!. Ah, well, I have to think about the economy, Iran, Iraq, social security, immigration, and there's just a little thing like running for the office of President. I wish I could work on my tan more."

Camera moves in tighter to McCain as he settles back in the chair to take a nap. As the camera moves in, he opens his eyes a bit and cuts them toward the camera.

McCain - "I think I'm ready for the A-List".

Cut to closing: "McCain for A-list"


-- David Couvillon Colonel of Marines; Former Governor of Wasit Province, Iraq; Righter of Wrongs; Wrong most of the time; Distinguished Expert, TV remote control; Chef de Hot Dog Excellance; Collector of Hot Sauce; Avoider of Yard Work

That's a pretty good funny right there. If McCain were smart, he'd do it. Then again, they don't call it the party of the stupid for nothing.

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August 05, 2008

Losing my religion

Okay, actually his religion, which would be The Church of the Blessed ManBearPigGoreacle. I swear that after reading that mixed bag of a priori assumptions and begging the questions offered up as gospel, I felt an almost overwhelming urge to say 'Amen'. After all, that's what you're supposed to say in church, right?

Maybe Mr. Holdren could give the opening prayer at the trials that James Hansen wants to put us on. Or maybe he was dropped on the head repeatedly as child. Right now, it's kind of a tossup.

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August 04, 2008

Advice from Microsoft: how to speed up Vista

Well, Redmond decides to offer some free advice on speeding up Crapta. Funny thing, though: I didn't see "uninstall this piece of crap and install XP, Linux, Mac OS, or Dos 3.0" anywhere in the article. I'm sure that it's simply an oversight.

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I'm going to Hell

Watch the video here and laugh at the completely inappropriate humor. It is just so wrong on so many levels. But I'm still laughing 10 minutes later, which does not bode well for my future in the afterlife.

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NASA confirms water on Mars

Pretty cool:


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August 02, 2008

It wasn't just physics

Turns out that I learned a few words along the way, too:

Your Vocabulary Score: A-

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!

You must be quite an erudite person.

Thanks to Ken for the link.

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