September 21, 2007

What I miss on the weekends

I almost never check my Sitemeter statistics because (a) I blog because I enjoy it and (b) the low numbers are usually depressing. In any event, I clicked to see my traffic levels for the last week and saw an enormous abnormality: I had over 1,400 visitors on Saturday, September 15. Now when I almost never get such large numbers- I don't do porn, although I will post the ocassional naughty picture of some hot women- and, since I don't have the premium Sitemeter account, I have no way of knowing from whence this traffic came. Can anyone out there help me? Is there some way to track down where the boost in traffic came from? Sitemeters only goes back 100 clicks.

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1 Sorry, no clue on this end. Have had the same problem before as well...

Posted by: vw bug at September 21, 2007 03:29 PM (FPOeI)

2 In the cpanel which Pixy very kindly provides us is a link for webstats, and on that page is a link for awstats. Scroll down thru awstats and you will find lists of referrers and search terms for the month. Of course it could be a circulating email - I had one on Slovakian mail servers showing up for a while. Entry link should be the login will be physicsg (8 characters) and the password is the same one as for your blog posting.

Posted by: triticale at September 23, 2007 05:18 PM (DRSBP)

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