March 18, 2008

New to the blogroll

Okay, old-sort of-to the blogroll. Kim du Toit reopened, but under a new name this time: Geopoliticus.

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March 17, 2008


So training is finished, as am I. It was a grueling 2 months of no life and no time with the wife and children. On the plus side, the lack of sleep and intense stress- my job kind of depended on my passing all of the training- combined to wreck my immune system, so I guess everybody wins. In any event, posts unrelated to pretty much anything will resume in the very near future. My thanks to anyone who stopped by to check on me. If you sent me an email, well, I've got about 1,500 to wade through, so don't be offended if I haven't replied. I likely just haven't read it yet.

Oh yeah, one more thing: UNC still sucks, but they are the ACC champs. My only consolation is that the East bracket looks murderous, so the odds are stacked against them reaching San Antonio. If they make it this year, they will have earned it.

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March 05, 2008

Is this blog on?

Anyone heard what happened to It Comes In Pints? Ken left a message, but I don't have his or Emily's email address. This is what I see at their site:


Update: Ken left a message that he can temporarily be found here, whilst the lovely and talented Emily kicks someone's ass gets things straightened out.

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March 04, 2008

I'm old fashioned

Also, I'm old. At least, my birthday last weekend reminded me that I haven't been 20 for a while. In any event, in the comment thread to this post, Bill Quick posted the following comment:

Me? I’m busily emptying out my bookshelves, except for those items simply not available in electronic format. I’m an early adapter, but I expect that within ten years the only people still reading everything on dead tree will be the hopelessly stubborn old fogies who babble on about things like the “feel” or the “smell” of a “real book.”

Guilty as charged. When I learned to read, a vast new world opened up for me to explore. I go anywhere, any when and be almost anyone, all while sitting comfortably in my favorite chair: I was there at the Alamo; I saw stars being born; and I took part in intergalatic civil wars, fighting methane breathing aliens. Holding the book was part of the experience for me.

And that hasn't changed. I love sitting with a book not, unlike Giles on Buffy, for the smell or touch alone, but rather because the tactile sensation is part of the reading experience for me. Have I ever read e-books? Sure, and I'll probably grab my own e-reader some day. But I think that that day might be delayed a bit. I have too many books that I love lying around. Too, too many books. So many books that I might have to add on to my house. Sigh. But I'll keep on aquiring more because it's just what I do.

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Words fail me

Okay, they actually don't, but I might try to reduce the profanity I post on this blog.

Of what do I speak? This post. Bask in the sublime idiocy and arrogance wrapped in its cocoon of blissful ignorance.

It would be wrong of me not to note that Tim F. has the post listed under several categories, one of which is General Stupidity. While I find that category accurate, I suspect that I do so for entirely different reasons than Tim.

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March 02, 2008

I'm back

Thank you for your patience. For the record, I finished all of my training and passed all of my tests. I've always been pretty good at school, but covering 600 pages of new material every two days got to be a bit grueling; I'm glad that it's over.

In completely unrelated news, Duke and Carolina square off next weekend for what will likely be the #1 seed in the ACC tournament. VCU won its regular season title again and now heads to the CAA tourney needing, most likely, the tournament title to receive an NCAA bid. Right now, people are projecting VCU as an 8 or 9 seed, which puts them on track to face off against a #1 in the second round. Again. Guess who might be waiting for a rematch? Yeah, there's a better than average chance that Duke might receive a #1 this year. I'll bet that the team is itching for another shot at VCU. Then again, this VCU team might be better than last year's, so it would be a very interesting game.

In case you haven't figured it out, I love college basketball. March Madness is my favorite sports event of the year. I can hardly wait.

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