July 24, 2008

It wasn't a pop top

And it wasn't my heel, but I did cut the crap out of my foot on a *$^$(*&% shell. Not cruisin' back home for a few more days, though. In the meantime, check out this passable re-cut trailer for Crocodile Dundee:


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July 21, 2008

I'm just resting

I'm currently on vacation at Atlantic Beach, NC. Posting will be sporadic, but not completely absent. I may post pictures of all the fun I'm having, just to piss some of you off.

Hey, what can I say? I'm a giver.

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July 16, 2008

I hope never to find out

Via Mike comes this heart-rending column from Mike Gallagher. Excerpt:

Tony Snow's death packed a particularly hard punch to my gut this week. Because during the past year, Tony had been warmly and graciously corresponding with my precious wife Denise, who had also been battling cancer. When Tony found out about her diagnosis, he asked for her email address so they could exchange words of inspiration and advice.

They did. And she relished every word. Here was my wife, a frustratingly liberal-leaning woman and wife of a conservative radio host, sharing a bond with a fellow cancer fighter, one of the giants of conservatism. It was proof that a life-threatening disease is the great equalizer, a reminder that there are more important things than Democrats and Republicans. Denise loved Tony. She admired his faith, his optimism, and his "live-for-the-moment" approach to life.

I imagine right about now, they are arguing politics face-to-face. Because my beloved died almost two weeks ago.
Like most married couples, Denise and I had a bunch of little rituals. One of mine was to say the exact same thing every single night that we turned out the lights to go to bed. I literally didn't sleep very well if I didn't say it to her.

"Good night, my princess. Sleep safe."

I saw Mike on the O'Reilley show one night. He appeared with his wife and they chatted a bit about their political differences. Throughout the entire discussion, the smile never left his face because he was so obviously devoted to his wife. And now she's gone. I hope to God that I never, ever get to know such pain.

Mike at Cold Fury is all too well acquainted with such horror. Whether or not he posts about it again, I'm certain that he'd appreciate any well wishes that you'd like to send his way.

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July 03, 2008

Rightwing bloggers sucketh the mostest

I've seen links to this survey reviewed on several blogs. James Joyner offered his normal measured thoughts:

Further, as I’ve discussed perhaps ad nasuem in posts over the past five plus years, most blogs are frankly unreadable by those not sympathetic to the point of view of the author. This holds true even when one excludes the 90-plus percent of political blogs that are unreadable, period. Few people have an appetite for being rudely insulted on a regular basis, having their intelligence, decency and patriotism questioned.

Of course, the lefty blogs are, once again, having a orgasm over more proof as to their inherent superiority and open-mindedness. Such irrationality used to irritate me, but now it simply bores me. The fact that the sun will rise in the east is less predictable. Anyway, I'll let Ace have the final word:

As I've said before, the rightwing blogosphere is the leftwing blogosphere's MSM. They can't really critique the media, because they know it's very leftwing and they don't wish to undermine it all that much. They count on the MSM to deliver their messaging for them. So instead they attack the MSM's harriers, the rightwing blogs, the rightwing blog commenters.

But, of course, the left is once again very, very impressed with itself for... well, pretty much anything at all. These people don't take a wet shit without gazing wistfully at their highly nuanced discharge.

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