June 30, 2006

I weep for the future

I visited YouTube today and discovered this video from Hope is Emo: Words Are Dying.

Did you watch it? Amazingly pathetic, wasn't it? Now go this website and check out the contents. Scared yet? Imagine that this little "gothtard" might someday sign your paycheck.

Scared now? Okay, then click on this link and calm down a bit.

Jim Treacher thinks that You Tube Is Going To Destroy Our Society. He might be on to something.

Update: Looks like Ace finally stumbled onto this, this thing.

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June 26, 2006

Horrible news travels fast

I heard a rumor earlier today that Acidman had died. Like Steve, I hoped it was just an evil troll. Unfortunately, it is true: Rob Smith has passed away. His daugher Samantha posted this entry.

So long, Acidman. You will be missed.

Update: There are some things that I always appreciated about Rob was his bluntness and honesty. One, you always knew where you stood with him. He said exactly what was on his mind, consequences be damned. I know that it rubbed some people the wrong way, but I found it refreshing. My favorite aunt, who I helped bury last year, was the same way.

There was one other thing about Acidman that was obvious in his writing: he loved his children. He mentioned several times how proud he was of Sam, and how glad he was that she was with someone who made her happy. That's one of the things that you most hope for as a parent. And it was obvious that Rob missed and loved his son. The estrangement left a hole in his heart that was obvious to anyone who read Rob's posts. Recently, Rob wrote that he'd given up on hearing from his son. I will guarantee you that if Quinton had reached out to him, or given him a call, that Rob would have been posting the equivalent of cartwheels.

Godspeed, Acidman. You go to a place where there are no hangovers, or addictions, or physical ailments, and where your loved ones always stay in touch.

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June 19, 2006


A new Bill Whittle post is up. Enjoy.

Update: Okay, I never excerpt a Whittle column, but I couldn't resist this:

People of good will on both sides value peace and freedom, yet we have diverging choices to make, and we have to make them now. We have to chart our course, a course for our country, and ultimately, a course for the entire world.

We need a map. Several are for sale. How do we choose?

Actually, it’s not so difficult. We can choose the map that best conforms to the coastline we see unveiling before us. We chose the map that best matches reality – the objective, external, indisputable reality of bays and promontories, capes and gulfs and rivers and shoals.

We can, indeed, lay out competing philosophies on the table, and see where each conforms to reality and where it does not. No maps are without distortions; none of these are likely to be, either. And one map may conform perfectly to the coastline in one area, and be dreadfully amiss in another. We can cut and paste them as we wish. This is too important for us to be arguing about who is right – all our energies must go to getting it right.

And before we start, we must agree to one thing: we will never be so full of arrogance and blinded by pride that we dare confront a place where our map does not match the coastline, and proclaim that the coastline must be wrong.

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June 14, 2006

The list

Last week, Kate posted her list(you know the one) and asked for ours in return. I've answered this question several times over the years and my answers haven't changed much. Anyway, here's what I posted at Kate's Place:

1) Angelina Jolie- I have the hots for her since Hackers, or whatever the heck it was called.

2) Lucy Lawless/Renee O’Connor/Hudson Leick- Yes, I’m claiming a Xenaverse exemption. It’s my fantasy after all.

3) Jennifer Love Hewitt- I was kind of glad when she turned 18 so that I didn’t feel dirty watching her anymore.

4) Heather Locklear- ‘Nuff said.

5) Jennifer Connelly- One of the most beautiful women on the planet. Period.

Someone asked me if my wife wouldn’t mind if Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lucy Lawless showed up for a 4-way with me. I told her that my wife would be more upset that I’d actually gone insane and was experiencing hallucinations.

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June 09, 2006

You know that you're having a bad day when...

You fall headfirst into a septic tank and open your mouth to scream for help. Or you could simply be a conservative wading through the detritus clogging up the KosCon.

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June 05, 2006

No dick and fart jokes today

Crikey. First, Jeff Goldstein stops with the daily Martha Stewart prison diay entries. To be fair, she is no longer in prison and continued postings in that vein might be construed as a mental disorder. Anyway, Jeff now posts thoughtful, eloquent dissertations, quietly ripping his shrieking lefty opponents to shreds. So I hopped over to Ace's site for the best in potty humor. And now he's posting thought-provoking editorials. Where's a guy supposed to go for entertaining shit?

Actually, I'm bullshitting you. I enjoy well-reasoned posts, as opposed to feces flinging that I typically find on most lefty sites. That's probably the reason that I avoid most blogs of that type. I like reading posts written by thoughtful liberals, if for no other reason than said posts force me to examine my own opinions. Unfortunately, the number of reasonable liberals seems to diminish every day.

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We're back

Thank you for your patience.

I was on vacation with my family up in the mountains. No computers, no news and no blogs. As much as I enjoy this blog, and all of you readers and commenters, I've gotta say that I enjoyed the peace and quiet. A lot. Now it's back to my daily demented postings.

I followed one of Harvey's blog rules and didn't mention that I'd be gone. Amazingly, my traffic didn't really diminish, even though I didn't post anything for 2 weeks. That's probably an indication of something, but I'm loathe to admit the implication there.

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