April 14, 2006

Up your's!

I've noodled over the whole Mohammed cartoon issue for a while. I believe that it's more complicated that most people seem to think. Do we have the right to publish them? Unquestionably yes. Does that translate into must publish? Survey says: BZZZZZ!. And I understand why some companies would choose to err on the side of caution. Gerard provides a great illustration of this with regards to Borders. To wit:

Is it really the case that your guys expect me, after months of watching this global governmental cowardice in the face of Islamic intimidation go down, to pin a big "Kick Me" sign on the backs of every one of my employees? Dudes, I worked in the grocery business for most of my career and if I am the last line of defense here, log off and head for the mountain redoubt with a box lunch because the terrorists have won.

However, I believe that, in other cases, capitulation to the Islam uber alles crowd is the order of the day. Patterico understands Borders's position, but finds Comedhimmi Central's cowardly groveling might damned pathetic:

Which brings us back to South Park. One of the most dangerous ideas in the world right now is Islamic exceptionalism. The pernicious notion that Islam is a force above and beyond all human law–and above all human rights–drives terrorism, empowers fascist movements, and immiserates a huge swath of the world. What insufferable airs. What an indefensible pretense. What a ridiculous pose.

What a laugh. Its consequences are tragedy and atrocity, but radical Islam’s source is a farce.

The same is true, to a much lesser degree, with Scientology, which hasn’t killed anyone but still regards itself with all the touchy, priggish self-importance of a bunch of new-age Ayatollahs. What a bunch of censorious ninnies. Get over yourselves.

If ever there were creeds that needed taking down a notch, these are the ones. Good for South Park for laughing at them. I don’t like South Park because they are indiscriminate with their scorn and insult things for the sake of being insulting, but they sure got this one right. And jeers to Comedy Central for shutting them down. Not only does Comedy Central scorn the things that don’t deserve it, but unlike South Park, they turn away from insulting the things that really do deserve it. As a civic institution, they’re a complete failure, and they’ve misused this important freedom we are fighting to defend.


Update: Michelle Malkin posts some proposed new logos for the network that fellates camels. And although these images are probably copyrighted, I feel certain that their creators won't mind if I share them with both of my readers. So here are two from the Maker of Worlds:



I was hoping for an image of Mohammed screwing a camel bearing Cowardly Central's logo, but that's probably a little too disgusting for Michelle Malkin to post.

Update: Kudos to Damien Penny for coining the prhase Cowardly Central.

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