May 21, 2007

Nuking fish in a shot glass

Glenn Reynolds, the easiest-going puppy blending fool on the planet, has finally had enough of Excitable Andy's incessant caterwauling and arguing in bad faith. In short, he's finally come to the same conclusion that the rest of us reached a long time ago:

I've tried, honestly, not to get in these pissing matches with Andrew, but apparently he can't help himself with this stuff. But to be clear: I'm against torture. I'm also against moralistic, dishonest, self-righteous preening about torture. Andrew is a repeat offender in the latter category, and it's gone beyond embarrassing to pathetic.

Various people in and out of the blogosphere have wondered exactly when, how, and why Andrew lost it. But lost it he has.

Dan Collins wonders when the rest of us thought that Andrew had lost it. For me, I think it was the incessant Andrew vs. Andrew posts, wherein he completely contradicted himself in ways that allowed him to screech hysterically about things of which he once approved. I'd be glad to have given him a pass because everyone's allowed to change his or her mind. But the dishonest prick would simply pretend that he'd never taken his prior position and that the rest of us were simply lying.

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1 I can barely remember the days when Andrew knew where he had it.

Posted by: triticale at June 01, 2007 08:28 PM (Beuop)

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