September 11, 2007

I haven't forgotten

Notwithstanding my previous usual geeky post, I'm well aware that today is the sixth anniversary where some evil worshippers of a Cult of Death rained destruction, terror and death on this country. Each year on this day, I feel anger, a deep burning anger which can only be quenched with the blood our enemies. I want this country to wage war against its enemies in such a horrific, disproportional way that when some camel fucker says, "Hey Achmed, let's go kill some Americans", his friends silence him out of fear. I want these would be rulers of the world to wake up crying in sheets soiled with their owned terror excreted urine that the US is coming to get them. I want those medieval death merchants to fear us in such a way that they never, ever again think that attacking us is a good idea.

I still remember that day. I remember my friend popping his head over my cube wall and telling me that two planes had hit the World Trade Center. I remember standing around a television set with another 50 or so people, watching an image made fuzzy by a lack of any cable or antenna. I remember watching a broadcast from the Pentagon when the jet hit that building. I remember watching people jump and fall from the tops of the Twin Towers. I remember watching those towers fall down. And most of all, I remember those ass suckers in the Palestinian settlement cheering and passing out candy, celebrating the deaths caused by their goat fucking friends.

Yeah, I remember. I move on and keep living, but I remember. And I will never forget.

Ace and Misha have their own worthy posts on this topic, as do many others around the Intertubes today. And I wouldn't want to forget Bill's post, as the graphic masthead on his blog serves as a constant reminder to what happened, and should never happen again.

Update: And let's not forget Mike at Cold Fury, who provides us with some great links to go along with his analysis.

Update: More links from Bill.

Update: Be sure to check out this post from Billy Hollis. Follow the link to the video.

Final update: A little excerpt from the Bleat back when it happened:

Gnat is rubbing her eyes; I put her down with Winky. She coos and gurgles and she’s off to sleep. I think: in the New York of her lifetime, there are no Twin Towers. This sort of landmark subtraction has no parallel.

There’s not a single part of this story that doesn’t induce wave after wave of nausea and horror.
So when I heard a plane overhead tonight, it was wrong. Turns out they were military jets circling around, securing the airspace. Just heard an unusually loud one, and I flinched; what had been an ordinary sound, an ordinary annoyance, was now a dire portent. Is this the future? Fearing the sound of every jet?

HELL no. I am not going to live in fear. They want my freedom, my peace of mind? Come and get it.

I won't do your work for you.

Update: Okay, I lied about the previous update being the last one. However, I feel so angry and sickened at what Pam links to here that I want to vomit. Via Strategy Page.

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