April 17, 2006

Free grill

You can get a free BBQ grill from any of the following stores:




Food Lion






Sam's Club





I especially like the higher shelf which can be used for keeping things warm!

BBQ grill.jpg

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1 Yeah, but it sucks as a smoker. Besides, Jewel, the Albertsons associate around here, uses plastic.

Posted by: triticale at April 21, 2006 09:03 PM (dtbkW)

2 Hi Triticale, Concerning your comment about the fine free grill that the Physics Geek is advertising (does he now get a percentage of crazy panhandling money? ). I have professional restaurant/catering experience, and the owner of the grill actually has a good rig for smoking as we did. He does not have a hood with grids to catch grease and a fire suppression system, but his clever choice of venue seems to obviate the need. Depending on how much the Physics Geek has drained from his ready cash, he could go and buy a throw-away aluminum pan, an appropriately sized metal rack (maybe scavenged from unused original "grill" parts--some disassembly is required ), aluminum foil, and some wood chips (oh hell, what was I thinking, he is already out in the woods--why go to the store for that? ). Once the chips are smoking, covering with aluminum foil will smoke whatever critter he has managed to catch or buy--again depending on the presumably obscene rates he has to pay to the Physics Geek). Studying physics warps the mind for life apparently. Mike

Posted by: Mike at May 03, 2006 10:34 AM (RrbKy)

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