April 04, 2006

A bit of sanity in an insane world

An Op-Ed in today's Washington Times. Excerpt:

We reprint this false alarm not to suggest that the current arguments about global warming are wrong. We don't know them to be right or wrong; there is too much scientific uncertainty clouding the issue. Rather, we simply wish to point out that scientists and the journalists and government agencies who cite them have been wrong on the subject of climate change before, quite recently in fact.

The judgment of the scientific community -- much less the judgment of international political entities or scribblers who cite them as authorities -- should not control this debate. "The science is settled," say the proponents; the consensus exists. But too often the disclaimers and scientific qualifiers get edited out of those press releases. And science is not about consensus in any event. It is about testing hypotheses and building evidence through experimentation.

No shit.

Update: Related links found at the Corner: here and here.

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1 PG, A few years ago,I was at relativesin Lake Forest.My aunt,(my uncle is a rich orthodontist)was complaining about GWB's causing the end of all life because of global warming.I told her(paraphrasing Heinlein in "Blowups Happen") that since she knew nothing of the subject her opinion didn't matter.My father chimed in to ask her to discuss Etruscan architecture,on the grounds she knew nothing of that either.I asked Alice to convert 20 C into Fahrenheit.She replied she couldn't do it in her head,but it was"hotter than Hell".Gently,I said 68 degrees.We were kicked out without a meal.

Posted by: Corwin at April 07, 2006 07:55 PM (2sp8i)

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