July 18, 2005

Man of the Year Award Nominees

Reposted from my old site. Why? Because I'm feeling lazy.
Too bad I don't have Photoshop or I would have made these pictures a Filthy Lie about Evil Glenn, proving that he loves women almost as much as he loves puppies. In any event, if any of you single ladies out there are still searching for Mister Right, I submit the following 3 entries for your approval. #1:


It's not often that you see such love and compassion, protecting those women from the discomfort that they would suffer on the hard seat of a tractor. Now it's time for #2:


A chauvinist would have carried the larger carton of beverages, thereby demonstrating that he thinks women are the weaker sex. This man is a true feminist. And now for the final entry, here is #3 nominee for Man of the Year:


Such a man. He allows this woman to get the exercise she craves, all the while pacing steps ahead so as not to bother her while he indulges in his vice. Truly, a man among men.

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1 LOL! You're right. That first picture would make a fine Filthy Lie. Perhaps that is Evil Glenn escorting his Mother and sister to "Abuse Acres" retirement home, as Harvey once suggested.

Posted by: Sally at July 20, 2005 05:19 AM (eNSvc)

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