April 27, 2006

How to look happy at work

Via a coworker:

Obligatory Office Equipment (OOE)

"Keep On Smiling"

Another sensational idea for office equipment!

  • Workload getting to you ?
  • Feeling stressed ?
  • Too many initiatives “cascading” down ?

    Here is the new low cost way to cope !

    Take 2 paperclips and elastic bands. (Fig. 1)


    Assemble them as shown on the picture.(Fig. 2)


    Apply the construction as visualized in Fig. 3


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April 06, 2006

I didn't expect this

Then again, who would? I give you Brittlelactica, Planet in Need.

Be sure to visit all of the planetoids in the system. You will need data to more fully appreciate the great Da Iry.

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April 04, 2006

Get your new bathing suits here!

And they're specifically for men. Check out the images below the fold: more...

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April 03, 2006

This week's sign that the Apocalypse is upon us

I give you the newest Linux OS: BarbieOS 0.99. Excerpt:

Making a bid for a piece of the emerging desktop Linux market, Mattel, Inc. announced the immediate availability of downloadable beta ISOs for BarbieOS 0.99, and said it hoped the final 1.0 retail version would be on store shelves in time for Christmas. The new OS was created by Mattel to power the upcoming revision of its popular B-Book line of laptops for girls between the ages of four and eleven. The original B-Book laptop, which ran a modified version of PalmOS, was a huge hit with consumers last holiday season, so much so that many stores had trouble keeping them in stock. This year, Mattel is upping the ante by making the B-Book into a full-fledged desktop replacement targeted specifically at toddler through preteen girls who are currently Windows users but may be seeking alternatives, possibly due to increasing licensing fees or out of a desire to break free of vendor lock-in.

BarbieOS, based on Debian Linux, had been in private beta for more than six months prior to yesterday's public release. Initial reaction to the company's announcement has been mixed, as some analysts have claimed that the desktop Linuxmarket is already over-saturated given its current size, as other major players such as Lycoris Desktop/LX, Xandros Linux, and LindowsOS are already competing for the rather small percentage of home desktop users willing to try a non-Microsoft OS. Still, Mattel says it is confident of the potential of BarbieOS 1.0 to find a niche market of young girls under thirteen who are dissatisfied with current Microsoft offerings and are looking toward maybe asking mom and dad for a full-powered Linux laptop running BarbieOS this Christmas.

Found via Slashdot.

Open the extended entry for more information:

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