November 07, 2005

I passed

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 10 out of 10 correct!

Link via Dean.

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The honest boss

How does your boss stack up against this one?

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November 03, 2005

Interesting list

John Henke finally posts a followup to his review of left-wing blogs. This time, right-wingers are in his sights. Notable excerpts:

(1) Instapundit— right-leaning, pro-Iraq war (neo)libertarian; essentially, Glenn Reynolds is the managing editor of the right side of the blogosphere, and linkage from Instapundit can make or break a post, a blog or a controversy. As Reynolds has noted in the past, "InstaPundit is not an unbiased news service. It consists entirely of my opinions and such links to factual items as I find interesting." Fortunately, Reynolds reads and links widely, and, if not unbiased, he's at least relatively even-handed.
(5) Hugh Hewitt— If you were to combine all three Powerline bloggers, Sean Hannity and any given Republican Party Chairman in some sort of GOP experiment to create the most reliable Republican pundit'd have Hugh Hewitt: the distilled essence of The Party Man.
(13) ScrappleFace; IMAO; Lileks; Cox and Forkum— Republicans are funny, too! Granted, they can't draw like Ted Rall, write like Mark Morford, or make people laugh like Michael Moore. But, really, that's a compliment.

Read the rest.

Update: I checked out the left-wing blog review again and I simply have to post this excerpt:

( Oliver Willis —- Ridiculously partisan shill who spends a lot of time complaining about how partisan other people are. Worth reading, if only for the frequent pretzel-logic and double-standards.

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November 02, 2005

I can review that movie in...

Four words or less. Check out the reviews for Serenity:

River: the Reaver Slayer

Whedon' need no Alliance

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Darwin award nominee

Okay, so the incident happened three years ago. An inquest is in progress, though. Excerpt:

A UNIVERSITY student died after being hurled 100ft through the air by a medieval-style "trebuchet" catapult, an inquest heard yesterday.

Kostydin Yankov, 19, an Oxford University student, suffered multiple injuries and serious spinal damage when he fell short of the safety net.

He was on a day trip with the extreme sports club, The Oxford Stunt Factory, to Bridgwater, Somerset, in November 2002 when tragedy struck.

A jury at Taunton Coroner's Court in Somerset heard that Kostydin - Dino to his friends - was the fifth person to be "fired" by the device on the day of his death. All four people who went before him landed at the nearest end of the safety net.

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