December 05, 2005

"Where was George?"

Jane Galt echoes Ted Kennedy's refrain from an old Democratic National Convention in this post. Excerpt:

What really chaps my ass, of course, is that if George Bush had been doing his job, checking the soil substrates under the levees, this never would have happened. We expected him to protect the country from disasters, and this is the one of the biggest disasters ever to hit the country. Yet where was George? Not taking soil cores, doing sonar analysis,or analysing soil samples in the lab--that much is clear. What the hell does he think we elected him for? Did he even make a cursory examination of the 17th street levee? I demand a special prosecutor to investigate why our president was not performing geological surveys of New Orleans in the days before hurricane struck.

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1 Dead on! You and Jane Galt rock!

Posted by: Suz at December 08, 2005 08:23 AM (kD1/o)

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