June 29, 2007

One final thought on the immigration bill

I had planned to use the word "shamnesty" to drive John Cole into an apoplectic stupor, but decided against it. Why? Because it is a pretty fucking stupid word.

Could have been worse, I suppose. It could have been "Bennifer" again. ::shudder::

Anyway, here's Lileks' take on the recent attempt by the Senate to legalize their current gardeners and nannies:

The failure of the immigration bill was a remarkable event, I think – but not the first notch in the belt for the new media as some suggest. It’s interesting how many of the big victories seem to have been large bites out of the President’s hide – Dubai, Harriet Miers, now this. It shows the power of a swarm concentrated on a particular thing – a person, a bill, a specific policy initiative.
I had fun with the subject on the Hewitt show tonight – Dean Barnett was chowdah-tawkin’ in Hugh’s place, and I found myself describing the Senate as a place where the fizzy effervescent passions of the day are poured into a saucer, where they can go flat and get warm and sticky and attract flies. Good a definition of the Senate as any, I guess. It’s like a bowling alley with no pins, circular lanes, and nerf balls.

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June 27, 2007

True dat

Dean Barnett posts a picture that is worth more than a thousand words. Unless, of course, you're a tone deaf elected official sipping lattes up in DC.

Actually, I hope that Dean doesn't mind, but I'm swiping that picture. It's too good not to share.


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June 19, 2007

Batshit crazy on display

Jonathan Hawkins links to this Michael Medved piece that, frankly, reeks of an April 1 article. Unfortunately, it's the middle of June, so apparently Mr. Medved is dead serious, which makes him, unfortunately, a retarded jackass. I remember Hugh Hewitt saying that Medved was strongly in favor of the amnesty bill as is; no amendments need apply. I thought that Hugh was kidding, but apparently I was mistaken. Anyway, excerpt:

...Despite the courageous reform efforts of far-sighted Republican Senators and of President Bush, the loudest voices in the GOP currently speak in strident, angry, desperate, uncompromising and unmistakably anti-immigrant tones.

Gee Michael, I'm almost at a loss how to respond to your puerile, insane, retarded, moronic and infantile prattle. Almost. Since reason, logic and, obviously, sanity are strangers to you, I'll make a slight breach in ettiquette by leaping over any factual arguments and going straight for the insults and ad hominem attacks.

You, sir, are embarrassment to conservatives everywhere. Your brain, such as it is, not only fails to fire on all cylinders, it's a wonder that can breathe without wearing a iPod that eternally cycles a recorning of "inhale....exhale". In fact, you are so fucking stupid that I'm convinced that, like the dinosaurs, you must have a brain in your ass to help you take a shit. However, unlike the dinosaurs, your assbrain is the larger of the two, which makes sense, since what comes out of your mouth is more putrid, vile, stinky and worthless than what comes out of the other end. At least your crap can be used for fertilizer.

Frankly, Michael, your act has more than worn thin. I will admit that I used to enjoy your occasional forays into the Attila the Hun chair, when you subbed for Rush. But somehow you mistook your modest talent for actual self-importance. I know, I know: you know so much more than the rest of us. I suppose that we should thank you for condescending to lecture to us about how we should act, or what we should do, or how we should vote. The reality is that most of us think that the fact that you have a syndicated column and a radio show is a sign of the end times. Sure, Err America was even more ridiculous that you. The buffoons on that network at least had the entertainment value of clown repeatedly stabbing himself in the eye. You, as I'm sure you're aware, have no such value. In fact, I swear that what fills my daughter's diaper daily has more intrinsic value than you and your opinions do. And quite frankly, her diapers' content disgusts me far less than you do.

I know what you're thinking: if I'm so bothered by you, why don't I simply ignore you? Well Michael, I think that you and I have finally found a point on which we can agree. Don't be too surprised when other coservatives - you know, the ones that you accuse of hating us some brown people- follow suit.

Enjoy yourself. And remember to keep a spare battery around for your iPod. I wouldn't want you to suffocate.

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June 06, 2007

Fund raising made easy

Iowahawk delivers another classic. Excerpt:

Skip to 7.

7. Now that you know the facts, would you like to reconsider giving a donation?

If "yes," return to 1a; if "no," go to 8

8. Two words: Nancy Pelosi. You at least have to admit we're somewhat better than Nancy Pelosi.

If "yes," return to 1a; if "go fuck yourself," go to 9

9. If I actually did fuck myself, would that help you reconsider giving a donation?

If "yes," describe fucking self and return to 1a; if "no," go to 10

10. All right then. Thank you for your time.

Despite not being a registered Republican, I've received dozens of GOP fundraising phone calls and they seem genuinely perplexed by my hope that the GOP national party should go piss up a rope. However, I'm very polite as I tell them to remove my name from their list, and that I hope the current GOP leadership gets an incurable case of chiggers in their nether regions.

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