January 12, 2007

From the actual reality based community

And to any Kosmonauts that stumble onto this blog, the title of this post does not refer to you.

Anyway, I've followed Michael Graham's career since he had a radio show here in Richmond, VA. His current show isn't available for me to listen to, but his website is. Here are his determinations as to what will happen when the US bugs out of Iraq:

1--The Islamists get another country, and its one with lots of oil generating lots of money to fund lots more terror.

2--America is defeated in the Middle East. We lose, and we lose in a region where the brutal tribal culture values strength over all. People in the region looking to back a winner have yet another reason to back the whackjobs. More whackjobs who want to kill us will have more power, and the moderates will have less. Or be dead. Which brings up point #3:

3--Blood in the streets. LOTS of it. You think 1,000 Iraqis killed in a month is a lot? You're not paying attention. Rwandans died by the thousands per day, and they only had machetes. Imagine how ugly a real religious cleansing campaign would look. Are you prepared to say "Yep, 100,000 Iraqi women and children had to die in 2007 because we weren't sure we could win?"

Go read the rest.

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