July 05, 2006

Stupidity on display

I'd like to thank Jonah for persuing the Democratic Underground for me; I value my sanity far too much to wade into the fever swamps. Anyway, the post in question proves that burning jet fuel could not have possible caused the Twin Towers to collapse.

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to point out the numerous holes in this dipshit's methodology.

Update: Of course I would mis-type a word in the title of post in which I mock the idiocy of others. Of course I would.

Update: Mike poses what is, I believe, the appropriate question:

Sweet leapin’ Jesus, can they really be this stupid? I mean, really?

It was, of course, a rhetorical question.

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1 First: Does the term "scale" have any meaning to this moonbat? A little styrofoam cup of kerosene isn't going to do much. When the planes carried tons of it for a long flight to the west coast, this just isnt reresentative. Plus it doesn't aerosol and pool the way it did on impact, igniting everythin in it's path. Second: Both planes imparted a hell of a lot of kenetic force to the structures. It was not just like cutting a hole in rabbit wire. The impacts alone weaked the connections between the floors and the column structures on both the inside and out. Third: All the fire had to do was soften the steel enough for gravity to do it's work on the already stressed buildings. Fourth: Without actual floors in his structure, each one loaded and taking on it's share of the load means his is not accurate an accurate model. Fourth: Scale, again. One to three cinder blocks on top is not an accurate representation of the megatons of steel and concrete that were above the impact points. Pancake collaspes, once started, can't be stopped. All it took was one set of connectors to bend and warp in the fire to start the chain reaction. Fifth: Do any of these nut jobs even think about speaking to structural engineers before pedalling these whacked out ideas???

Posted by: Greg at July 05, 2006 05:31 PM (bmoW+)

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