August 22, 2008

Quote of the election season

From Megan McArdle:

It should be possible to debate the issues in this election at a level above "My guy's awesome and your guy is a big fat doody-head". But it doesn't seem to be. I find this profoundly depressing.

I've noticed the same thing the last couple of elections.

Update: Actually, John Scalzi has a pretty good comment of his own:

I think the race has tightened because that’s what often happens around this time, if I’m not wildly mistaken. Do McCain’s ads have anything to do with it? Oh, probably. So does the fact that Obama went on vacation. So does the fact that conservatives have unleashed their poo-flinging monkeys (see: Jerome Corsi), and so does the fact that some liberals have come around to the realization that Obama, does not, in fact, fart cinnamon-scented rainbows.

I kind of wish that I had come up with that particular line, but I suppose that there's a good reason or three that Mr. Scalzi writes for a living and I do not.

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